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Healthcare organizations around the world are faced with the challenges of containing rising healthcare costs, improving access to care, and providing quality care to patients with very complex diseases and longer life spans (due to vast improvements in medical research and technology).  The impetus to provide quality care has resulted in a demand for healthcare providers to increase RVUs, decrease emergency room visits for non-emergent care and increase patient satisfaction within the primary care setting.  As a result, healthcare organizations and the federal government have turned to pay-for-performance incentives to reward providers for increasing efficiencies, improving access to care. And improving healthcare outcomes for patients with diabetes, hypertension and other life-threatening but manageable diseases.

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Thursday, 19 January 2012 13:46

How to Have More Effective Staff Meetings

Communication is an important part of keeping a medical practice running smoothly, and staff meetings are a great way to keep those lines of communication going, whether you hold them daily, weekly, or monthly. Make sure the conversation is two-way. Employees want to know what’s going on with the practice, and they also want their voice to be heard. The goal is to work together to build your practice.

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Thursday, 12 January 2012 13:27

Tips for Coping with Long Hours

Working long hours is bad for us. There’s a ream of evidence to support that fact. In the short term, it increases stress, depression, and anxiety. And in the long term, it makes us more likely to have to take time off sick, have an accident at work, or burn out entirely. Thankfully, there are numerous things we – and employers – can do to counteract the negative effects.

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Thursday, 05 January 2012 14:04

Outsourcing for Your Medical Practice

“Outsourcing” is viewed in a very negative light by many Americans today. And if your medical practice is considering outsourcing one or more job positions or medical practice services, it’s true that outsourcing could keep you from hiring a local individual who desperately needs a job or could even result in layoffs of some of your current staff. But in the current economy, ignoring the cost benefits of outsourcing may not be an option. Here are some things to consider if you’re thinking about outsourcing for your medical practice.

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