If you’re a practice manager who’s concerned about dwindling patient revenues, you’ve probably already considered adding products and services to your medical practice. But many practice managers stop there because they don’t know how to decide which products and services are appropriate for their practices. There are myriad options for expanding your practice offerings, and sifting through them can become an overwhelming chore. Here are some criteria to consider when adding products and services to your practice.

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As a practice manager, you have probably noticed that the number of patient appointments – and the accompanying revenues – tends to ebb and flow. Physicians’ offices are not subject to the same cyclical nature as, for example, retail stores, which rely on holiday shopping to make up for the slow times. However, you may well experience slowdowns during summer, when people take vacations, and around the holidays, when they visit family and spend all their available money and time shopping for gifts. Slowdowns do vary by specialty and geographic area; cosmetic dermatologists, for example, may see an increase in appointments as patients prepare themselves for holiday parties, and gastroenterologists may also see more patients after holiday over-indulgences.  

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Wednesday, 03 August 2011 15:31

A Stinky Situation

I worked at a Chiropractic Clinic where we offered a full range of service options including “attended and unattended” therapies.  The doctor would see the patient first and do the spinal adjustment and then the patients would be sent to the therapy department to receive the therapies ordered by the doctor.  Therapies included interferential current (electromuscular stimulation) using a high powered piece of equipment and is designed to tire out the muscle by causing it to contract multiple times in rapid succession.  This would help reduce the patients muscle spasms.  Usually followed by that therapy many patients would receive myofascial release which is a deep, trigger point massage therapy.  Our practice specialized in treating patients who had been involved in motor vehicle accidents.  Due to the high volume of patients getting hands on treatment we encountered the following issue:

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