Monday, 17 January 2011 10:54

Why Patients Change Physicians



What are some reasons that patients change physicians?  We’re noticing a growing number of our patients are transferring their records to another doctor and we’re not sure why.  None of the patients have complained about the service or treatment.
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In today’s economy, even traditionally stable fields like healthcare need to diversify to stay competitive.  Multiple streams of income offer the opportunity to avoid significant income loss if conventional revenue streams fail.  If you’ve been sensing a need for locating new sources of revenue for your medical practice, this article will provide guidance. 

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Friday, 21 January 2011 11:56

How to Audit Your Practice: Setting Goals



Welcome to our series on auditing your medical practice!  Auditing your practice may seem unnecessary, or even counterproductive, when you know you have all the required processes in place for keeping the practice running smoothly.  But that’s precisely when an audit should occur, because standardized policies and procedures could lead to your practice falling  into a rut that causes you to miss out on additional income opportunities, among other things.  After all, auditing your practice does not mean that you will necessarily make changes; it simply means that you are open to new ideas that could benefit your practice.

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If your physicians/owners have allowed you to begin telecommuting in your position as practice manager, you've all become part of a growing trend.  Realizing that telecommuting can be a win-win for practices and their employees, many doctors and practice owners are shifting to part or full time virtual employement when posssible.
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