As a physician, you may think you don’t have time to use social media to engage your patients and colleagues and promote your medical practice.  But social media is a rapidly growing phenomenon that is not going away. Our series on marketing your practice with social media is designed to help you maximize the effectiveness of social media with a minimal time investment.  This article, the third in the series, focuses on Facebook.


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Tuesday, 16 November 2010 09:21

How to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Practice



LinkedIn, a professional social networking site, is somewhat similar to Facebook, except that profiles and interactions are oriented towards business.  This makes it an ideal place to market your medical practice, as well as connect with other physicians and medical professionals, learn about conferences and symposiums, and share experience and information with colleagues.

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Wednesday, 10 November 2010 14:20

Promoting Your Practice with Twitter



Is there any compelling reason for a physician’s office to have a Twitter account?

We’re glad you asked – there are many ways you can use Twitter to promote your practice.  We want to tell you all about them in this article, part of our series on social media networking. 

Starting a Twitter profile is very easy.  In many cases, you should select a username that describes your practice rather than using an abbreviated version of your name.

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“It has put life back into our practice. I used to dread coming into the office. Now, I feel totally re-energized.”  Such were the words of  a Scottsdale, Arizona physician when talking about integrating cash and ancillary income strategies into his practice.

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 Healthcare Networks of America, LLC proudly announces that their efforts have raised $1002.00 in  support of national breast cancer awareness month in October 2010.  Half of the proceeds raised were donated in the name of HNA’s own, Carri Kaufman and the other half went to Christy Multz, who is participating in the Susan G. Komen walk.

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