This Months Watch List

This Months Watch List

The lobby is full; Muzak is playing the instrumental version of “La Isla Bonita” through the office speakers. Ringing phones and the steady buzz of magazine pages turning is keeping the lobby at a comfortable sound level… Aahhh, it’s a great day!

Then it happens, the door opens and in walks frazzled parent X, with 3 children. Adorable cherub faces, the youngest with her dolly in tow, the other two are just mad to be awake! Mom struggles to find a place for the four of them to comfortably sit amongst  the other sparsely seated patients. Patients that are already sick and crabby and becoming increasingly irritated due to the whirlwind that just entered the office.

As a medical practice manager, you are largely responsible for determining and implementing the marketing strategy for your practice.  Even if you have limited contact with patients, you have great influence over the culture of your office and the attitude of the physicians and staff.  Many physicians simply don’t take an interest in marketing strategy or realize its importance.  Your staff probably doesn’t have the knowledge to implement marketing strategy; they are also likely to get distracted from it by day-to-day tasks if no one offers regular and consistent direction.  But like it or not, patients make both conscious and unconscious assessments about your practice and make treatment decisions and recommendations to other potential patients based on those assessments.  Having accepted that you do have a large degree of control over what patients think about your practice, how do you develop a medical practice marketing strategy as a practice manager?



 Healthcare Networks of America, LLC proudly announces that their efforts have raised $1002.00 in  support of national breast cancer awareness month in October 2010.  Half of the proceeds raised were donated in the name of HNA’s own, Carri Kaufman and the other half went to Christy Multz, who is participating in the Susan G. Komen walk.

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, I’d like to tell my story.  It began in 1996, as a woman who thought she was much too young for breast cancer. I didn’t really take what I thought was my small “cyst” seriously.  Needless to say, it grew.  It grew ever so slowly, but it still grew.  I had what many have had and continue to have today, carcinoma in situ and it had spread to my lymph nodes.  I was facing Stage II breast cancer and the prognosis was poor.

Thursday, 16 December 2010
Sherry Krueger

PMN Cookie Contest Winner

Written by Sherry Krueger


Well, folks … after reviewing, tasting and debating over all the amazing entries we received to our Cookie Corner Contest, we’ve decided who takes the cake!  Or should that be cookie?



 With the holiday season approaching it is time to decide, should businesses decorate for the holidays?  Most business owners think decorating for holidays is a must because customers that have the holiday spirit are happier and when they are happy they buy more which in turn helps business.


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